For any economy, Foreign Exchange plays a very vital role. All governments take effective measures to boost the inflow of foreign exchange to their country. International Trade and Remittances are, therefore, very important tools to achieve a comfortable foreign exchange position. Various measures are taken by the governments to encourage Export earnings as well as Inward Remittances. Outflow in form of import cost and outward remittances are regulated but cannot be totally curbed. In fact, in most of the cases it may be input for increase in Export earnings. Also, there may be certain necessities for which a country need to spend Foreign exchange. International Trade is very good source of income. Many Indian Companies are, therefore, engaged in International Trade. Indians are found around the world. They are the major source of inward remittances. The money flows to India for their family maintenance purpose or for savings and Investments.

International Trade or Remittances involving Foreign Exchange requires additional knowledge and skill to handle such transactions. International traders and NRI customers may not have the required expertise to deal with the subject. In India, International Trade is regulated by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Foreign Exchange related regulations are issued by Reserve Bank of India. There are frequent modifications in these complicated instructions/ regulations. Everyone is not expected to know the current applicable rules and regulations. This website is an effort to put updated rules and regulations relating to International trade, NRIs, and Derivatives at one place. After going through the relevant regulations, if you feel, expert opinion is required; please feel free to contact us. The contents on this website are gist of the guidelines from various sources and utmost care is taken to update those guidelines. Visitors are, however, requested to refer to the original source for the full details of the guidelines for their ultimate use.


We are highly professional ex-banker. We have been working in the area of Foreign Exchange and Treasury for over three decades. Being banker, we are aware of the specific banking needs of customers in areas involving Foreign Exchange Transactions. We, therefore, suggest the best applicable rules and regulations pertaining to the transactions in the area of Foreign Exchange. We keep a close watch on the change in instructions/regulations and update ourselves/this website for the benefit of readers visiting this website.

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